Let It Ride


You can have a “Lily Pulitzer” day planner and write everything down; you can have 6 different colored highlighters and have the same number about of colored index cards; have them all color coded with a legend to follow so that everything is organized; and then (!!!) you can have a curve ball thrown at you.  Internal Dialogue (ID), “Well, there goes that appointment I made.”  “Well, let me get out my ‘White-Out’ and mark that out so I can replace it with the new ‘to-do’ item.”  You undergo a “re-rack” as I call it; you reevaluate, you adapt.  You get the picture.


So, what do you do when life throws you that curve ball?  Do you stand there with your glove on, bent over looking between your legs to see exactly where the heck that ball went since you didn’t catch it?  Do you have ‘cat like reflexes’ and catch it and stand up and throw it back to the pitcher and say, “Yeah, I just did that.  Don’t hate the player, hate the game?”  Do you ‘Let It Ride?’

My normal, ‘Ninja Turtle’ (NT) self would absolutely have cat-like reflexes and catch that ball, kiss it, throw it back to the pitcher and then tell the pitcher to keep ’em comin’-I got this.  I guess in the last few days I have had to realize that NT has a few other facets-and I have had to evoke NT’s attitude and apply it to ‘every day life’ outside of triathlon-within which Ninja Speedy Turtle was born.

There are times in life where you can’t be the typical “NT,” you can’t be the typical “Martha Stewart,” you can’t write it all down and color code it and expect it to pan out that way. Why?  Because. That’s all I got.  Because. Heck, I dunno; call 1-800-WHY-MENOW and ask. <yikes>

The three of you reading this know that I absolutely believe in a Higher Power; I absolutely believe in God, Jesus; and, I believe that He is my Savior and from Him all my blessings flow. I also am on the quest for Peace this year through Him.  Peace isn’t the absence of troubles in life; rather, Peace is the presence of God in your life in the midst of your troubles.


If you have read any of my past posts you know I have a 24-hour pity party rule, right?  I give myself 24 hours to ride that pity train, waller in the “woe is me” business and then it is time to grab myself by the boot straps (or big girl panties-whatever trips your trigger to say) and then put one foot in front of the other and move forward; doesn’t have to be at the speed of light-you JUST. HAVE. TO. GO. FORWARD.  What can you do for yourself or anyone else if you are staying in the back, in the past, in the dark and dreary place?  Answer?  NADA!  You are making withdrawals, not deposits-check yourself!

move forward

Life threw me a curve ball, I have 2 choices.  I can let it define me, OR (!!!) I can let it refine me.  I can play it conservative and write it all down and highlight it, color code it, and alphabetize it, or I can “Let It Ride.”

Friends, I have to “Let It Ride.”  I have put all my chips in with the big Man upstairs, I am confident that in Him I will receive out of my “bet” what I am supposed to receive and then some.  Rich-it’s a relative word, isn’t it?

I am “rich.”  I have a family that is wonderful; I have friends that I can’t even begin to thank or say enough about-they make my life so much more colorful than I ever imagined; I am employed and so grateful for this; and, I have an unshakable faith in Him. so, why not “Let It Ride?”  What do I have to lose? Nothing.  But I have everything to gain.

So, I put my “A” race goal on the gambling table-I am “Letting That Ride” this year.  I will support my friends and teammates that continue on the Ironman Augusta 70.3 race; I will swim; I will bike; I will run…and guess what?  I will “Let it Ride” and come out the winner time and time again.  Because, if He has me who can be against me?  I just won’t be there to “toe the start line” in person but I will be there in spirit!

ALS sucks.  I won’t sugarcoat it.  It is part of my journey in life?  Yes, x2, and I don’t know why.  Perhaps God thinks I am strong enough to handle being a ‘sherpa’ twice?  He has faith in me; I have faith in Him.  So, together, with Him, myself and the race participant with the most awesome bib number ever “Razorback Turtle” we will (run) this race with endurance; because, that’s how we roll.  And, without a doubt, we will “Let It Ride.”  Time to pull up a chair to the table at the casino and place your bets…

For all of my MTR teammates; my Turtles; and friends -I will see you in the pool, on the street riding bikes, and on the road running-let’s you get all trained to kick some Augusta ARSE!  GAME ON!






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